Kayak progress

Refuel and Resupply – the Gower

A red warning for wind lead to 3 days of rest in the Gower after the English leg of my journey. A visit from my wife Ali and daughter Ruby meant eating actual fresh food and a resupply!

You’ll be glad to know I took advantage of the facilities – mainly the laundry

Who am I to deny the elements? As much as I do feel like I was getting into the groove of things, I was aware starting out on this journey that the weather was a key limiting factor that I know to be mindful of.

Plus if it meant a few days sleeping in the caravan and eating fresh food it sounded like a good plan to me.Ali came from home with a supply drop I prepared before leaving, and Ruby brought a fresh shop meaning I was treated to some rare meals not containing mashed potatoes.

Although it was, as promised, windy enough to blow sand metres in the air, the sun came out and we enjoyed a few walks along Whiteford sands – reminding myself how it feels to spend the majority of the day on land.

A huge thank you to my friends over at Kennexstone campsite who generously allowed me to stay on their site free of charge, offered to pick me up supplies and also facilitated my drop off back to the beach (after trying to facilitate my pick up, my bad). Having spent many brilliant weekends with them down at their beautiful site in the Gower, it was nice to relax around some familiar faces as I prepare for the next leg of the trip… the Welsh coast!

Thanks again to my wife Ali for all that she’s done in supporting me in this journey