Kayak progress

Acts of human kindness, part 2

An important shout-out to my friend Anthony, from Kennexstone campsite in Wales, for always being so accommodating and generous. Leaving the Gower was certainly hard, and I look forward to returning for a proper holiday weekend of relaxing.


People from Menai – North Wales

Thank you to staff, and Caroline the assistant manager, at Plas menai national water centre. They gave me a lovely room and fed me up as I rested and waited for the, unexpected, Yellow warning storm passed.

A big thank you to my lovely Irish Landlady, who let me rest and recover after the rescue. I had been left feeling very cautious, worried and unconfident. Getting back in the boat was a daunting prospect. But thanks to spending a few days with good food, good conversation and a warm bed, I felt ready to tackle another day of paddling. Thanks to her for helping me get back out there again!

And last, but certainly not least… the Belfast RNLI. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful staff, who acted quickly and efficiently and rescued me from way out at sea, just as my prospects were starting to look bleak.

What saved the day – my personal locator beacon