Hall of Fame

In theory this is a solo unsupported attempt. But the reality is that lots of people have already helped, be it by things like giving advice, helping with their time, or supplying equipment. I might be the one who’s going to sit in the boat, but all these people helped.

It’s not easy going to companies to ask for things. Lots say no, but still wish you well. The ones who do say yes don’t just give you the kit, they also give you the morale and the hope that what you want to do might just be possible.

Thanks to the Individuals 

Brenda, Sue and Yan (Philippines VSO), Ralphie (strongest fire fighter)

Nick Mallabar (kayak grandmaster)

Chris Dawson (matrix surfer guru, tallhatDesign website and design)

Nick Howard (transport logistics and general motivation)

Mat Wilkinson 

Ros Townsend

Various surgeons (RUH, Bath Clinic, Circle One)

My family 

Everyone who has made a donation to the Charities.

Everyone who may in the weeks ahead let me have some food, a floor to sleep on, etc.

The Volunteers of the RNLI, may we only meet in happy times.

The Coastguard for their patience with my VHF etiquette and wayward tracking. 

Any Master Mariner who has to take avoiding action

Thanks to the Organisations 

The following organisations supplied or offered a deal on equipment, products, helped with logistics, gave time and technical expertise.

Supplied my IC-M25 handheld VHF.
Scorpio II HV Scudder. To boldly go.
For keeping me dry and floatable.
For supplying the paddles that will make the 600 miles effortless and pain free
Kindly put my fantastic website together.
Transport help. There’s still time for the motorhome.
Supplied enough sunscreen to keep me looking at my best and protected from harmful sun exposure.
For my flat earth sail. I am really sorry I have converted it to the deadpool drive. Maximum effort!